Bayawan City Strategic Development Master Plan (BCSDMP)

The plan positions Bayawan City to be the pilgrim capital of the Visayas.  The strategic plan is a ten year development plan that integrates the use and allocation of the physical resources and development goals of the city. The plan was arrived through a series of actual field survey, expert interviews and consultations among local officials, department heads, private and business  sectors.

Tubod Strategic Development Plan

A comparative study of Tubod, Lanao del Norte, a capital town, as against other growing economies in the province.  The strategic plan positions the capital town as unique investment and employment destination in Lanao del Norte.

The strategic plan incorporates the urban design component and utilizing its waterfront as prime mover of economic development while making use of Mindanao’s only state of the art sports and convention facility, the Mindanao Civic Center.

Cebu City Strategic Master Plan Study (CCSMPS)

Mr. Toring, is a Consultant and acted as Project Coordinator, to spearhead the formulation of Cebu City Strategic Master Plan Study (CCSMPS).   The CCSMPS envisions Cebu City to be a vibrant, livable and diverse economy  whose quality of life comparable with worldclass standards.

To achieve the vision, the Master Plan focuses on five major thrusts for Cebu City:

  • Skills and Knowledge-Based Economy;
  • Advance Service and Support Center;
  • Urban Renewal and Expansion;
  • Heritage, Religious and Cultural Destination; and
  • Environmental Enhancement and Protection.